Thank you to everyone who joined me for the LIVE webcasts!

Missed the live webcasts?
Listen to edited clips via “HSU at the ARM 2015.”

Pod 6 
Featuring Drs. Terry Mackey and Michele Solloway, Lauren Radomski, Rebecca Myerson and Dr. Virgina Wang

Pod 7
Featuring Denise Johnson, Nicole Bloom, Jason Scott and Jared Hite

Pod 8
Featuring Dana Connors and Dr. Teri Fritsma

Pod 9
Featuring Drs. Ernest Moy and Eugene Day

Pod 10
Featuring Dr. Ken Wells, Dr. Alonso Plough and Dr. Michael Gluck

Pod 11
Featuring Paul Cheh, Jamilah Taylor and Beth Resnick

Pod 12
Featuring Raina Sheth, Dr. James Reschovsky and Judy Jou

Pod 13
Featuring Jennifer Muldoon, Michelle Cook and Dr. Sarah Martin-Anderson

Pod 14
Featuring Fernand Alarid-Escudero (again), Vanessa Hurley and Kiron Sreenivas


Watch Health Services Unplugged’s LIVE stream as Dr. Mebane chats with researchers, policy experts, students and others at AcademyHealth’s 2015 Annual Research Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

Sunday (6/14): 9:00 – 10:30 am CT  +  2:30 – 4:30 pm CT
Monday (6/15): 9:30 – 11:30 am CT

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