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Health Services Unplugged is an experiment of the best kind, to test a new (to us) approach without worrying (too much) about the risk.

As part of its Innovators-in-Residence Program, AcademyHealth challenged Dr. Mebane to take her idea and run with it. So, she did.

And, here it is:
a pilot series of podcasts about health services and health policy research
and the people who produce it…and use it.

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AcademyHealth is a leading national organization serving the fields of health services and policy research and the professionals who produce and use this important work. Together with our members, we offer programs and services that support the development and use of rigorous, relevant, and timely evidence to increase the quality, accessibility, and value of health care, to reduce disparities, and to improve health.

One of our newest initiatives is our Translation and Dissemination Institute (TDI). Launched in 2013, TDI helps move health services research into policy and practice more effectively. It undertakes activities that help research producers better understand the needs of research users, and serves as an incubator for new and innovative approaches to moving knowledge into action. For example, the Innovators-in-Residence Program (supported by Kaiser Permanente – episodes 0-16) promotes novel approaches to research translation and dissemination that have the potential to improve care for safety net and other vulnerable populations…like this podcast.

Felicia E. Mebane, PhD, MSPH

With her signature blend of creativity and conciseness, Dr. Felicia E. Mebane produces informative and timely public health content for producers, writers and artists and helps researchers, foundations and others share their work with a variety of audiences.

Dr. Felicia E. Mebane getting ready to complete her 7th marathon. Picture taken by Dr. Christian Douglas.

Dr. Mebane helps her clients tell their stories in ways that gives all of us better access to valuable health care information. And, she shares a few of her own stories and ideas through her blogs and social media.

Dr. Mebane earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) and developed leadership and management skills as GE and AARP. Her public health training, including an MSPH from UNC-CH and a PhD from Harvard University, focused on health policy and communications.

Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Dr. Mebane conducted research and taught as an Assistant Professor at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, where she also served as the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. She is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Learn more at Mebane Media, LLC.

Our Team

Dr. Felicia E. Mebane

Creator, Host and Producer

Dr. Imani Cheers

Assistant Professor of Media/Public Affairs,
School of Media/Public Affairs
The George Washington University

Awesome Support

TDI and Communications teams

Music by Dr. Sheryl Mebane