Dr. Clough, Mr. Fernando Alarid and Dr. MebaneIn “We Want ‘Just Right’ Physician Practice Payment Models, Right?” (Pod 5)
we highlight a recent article in a premier health services, policy journal: Health Affairs.

This pod features Dr. Jeffrey Clough (a physician and health services research as Duke University’s School of Medicine) and, Mr. Fernando Alarid-Escuerdo (a graduate student at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health). Listen in as Dr. Clough shares lessons learned from his study of Medicare data and advice for students, and Mr. Alarid-Escuerdo makes me regret not asking him about how someone from Mexico learned how to ice fish.


[ Image: Dr. Jeffrey Clough / credit – Duke University ]
[ Image: Fernando Alarid-Escudero / credit – Fernando Alarid-Escudero ]
[ Image: Dr. Felicia E. Mebane / credit – Dr. Felicia E. Mebane ]