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Watch LIVE! at #ARM15

Thank you to everyone who joined me for the LIVE webcasts! ***** Missed the live webcasts? Listen to edited clips via "HSU at the ARM 2015." Pod 6  Featuring Drs. Terry Mackey and Michele Solloway, Lauren Radomski, Rebecca Myerson and Dr....

Pow! County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

"Pow! County Health Rankings & Roadmaps" (Pod 4) is about that and a couple of career tips for folks considering leadership roles. This pod features Dr. Bridget Catlin, a Senior Scientist at the University of Wisconsin Population Health...

Problem Solving Obesity with Black Youth in Baltimore

"Problem Solving Obesity with Black Youth in Baltimore" (Pod 3) is about that and more. This pod features Dr. Sara Bleich, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and native of Baltimore, MD. With Mr. Joe...

The Unenviable Task of Defining HSR

"The Unenviable Task of Defining HSR" (Pod 2) describes health services research and more. Dr. Lisa Simpson, President and CEO of AcademyHealth, joined me in AcademyHealth's conference room to share insights about the field of health services...

Makin’ It More Real

"Makin' It More Real" (Pod 1) is an introduction to Health Services Unplugged. Lauren Radomski and Samantha Smith (two awesome members of AcademyHealth's Translation and Dissemination Institute) were kind enough to join me for this first chat in an...

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