HSU at the ARM 2015 – 1

HSU at the ARM 2015 – 1

HSU ARM 2015 Poster, credit: Dr. Mebane and AcademyHealth

“HSU at the ARM 2015 – 1” (Pod 6) features awesome attendees to AcademyHealth’s Annual Research Meeting (ARM) in Minneapolis, MN.

These experts and soon to be experts (i.e., students) are awesome because with no advanced warning (I mean, notice.), they agreed to be part of a LIVE webcast and chat about their background, research and policy interests, ARM experience, advice to students and more.

Listen in and meet (links and titles updated on 6-30-15):

Terry Mackey, PhD
Vice President, Learning and Member Engagement

Michele Solloway, PhD
Senior Research Associate
The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI)

Lauren Radomski, MPP
Senior Manager, Translation and Dissemination Institute

Rebecca Myerson, MPH
PhD Candidate
The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

Virginia Wang, PhD, MSPH
Assistant Professor, Duke University School of Medicine
Investigator in Health Services Research and Development, Durham Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center

Sound quality reflects the atmosphere in the hallways at the convention center. There’s nothing like an overhead vent to motivate one (namely, me) to research sound dampeners for next year.

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[ Image credit – AcademyHealth / Dr. Felicia E. Mebane ]
We Want ‘Just Right’ Physician Practice Payment Models, Right?

We Want ‘Just Right’ Physician Practice Payment Models, Right?

Dr. Clough, Mr. Fernando Alarid and Dr. MebaneIn “We Want ‘Just Right’ Physician Practice Payment Models, Right?” (Pod 5)
we highlight a recent article in a premier health services, policy journal: Health Affairs.

This pod features Dr. Jeffrey Clough (a physician and health services research as Duke University’s School of Medicine) and, Mr. Fernando Alarid-Escuerdo (a graduate student at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health). Listen in as Dr. Clough shares lessons learned from his study of Medicare data and advice for students, and Mr. Alarid-Escuerdo makes me regret not asking him about how someone from Mexico learned how to ice fish.


[ Image: Dr. Jeffrey Clough / credit – Duke University ] [ Image: Fernando Alarid-Escudero / credit – Fernando Alarid-Escudero ] [ Image: Dr. Felicia E. Mebane / credit – Dr. Felicia E. Mebane ]
Watch LIVE! at #ARM15

Watch LIVE! at #ARM15

Thank you to everyone who joined me for the LIVE webcasts!

Missed the live webcasts?
Listen to edited clips via “HSU at the ARM 2015.”

Pod 6 
Featuring Drs. Terry Mackey and Michele Solloway, Lauren Radomski, Rebecca Myerson and Dr. Virgina Wang

Pod 7
Featuring Denise Johnson, Nicole Bloom, Jason Scott and Jared Hite

Pod 8
Featuring Dana Connors and Dr. Teri Fritsma

Pod 9
Featuring Drs. Ernest Moy and Eugene Day

Pod 10
Featuring Dr. Ken Wells, Dr. Alonso Plough and Dr. Michael Gluck

Pod 11
Featuring Paul Cheh, Jamilah Taylor and Beth Resnick

Pod 12
Featuring Raina Sheth, Dr. James Reschovsky and Judy Jou

Pod 13
Featuring Jennifer Muldoon, Michelle Cook and Dr. Sarah Martin-Anderson

Pod 14
Featuring Fernand Alarid-Escudero (again), Vanessa Hurley and Kiron Sreenivas


Watch Health Services Unplugged’s LIVE stream as Dr. Mebane chats with researchers, policy experts, students and others at AcademyHealth’s 2015 Annual Research Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

Sunday (6/14): 9:00 – 10:30 am CT  +  2:30 – 4:30 pm CT
Monday (6/15): 9:30 – 11:30 am CT

Have a question for a guest or Dr. Mebane?
Use #HealthServicesU or the comment section below.

Health Services Unplugged is supported by Kaiser Permanente.

Pow! County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

Pow! County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

Drs Catlin and Mebane“Pow! County Health Rankings & Roadmaps” (Pod 4)
is about that and a couple of career tips for folks considering leadership roles.

This pod features Dr. Bridget Catlin, a Senior Scientist at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute in the School of Medicine and Public Health. With (in the best laid plans category) no unexpected guest, she shares an overview of how she uses her superpower for the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps project and what she wished she had learned in school in addition to her research training. Listen in as Dr. Catlin describes how the County Rankings & Roadmaps project got started and her favorite pastime.


[ Image: Dr. Bridget Catlin  / credit: University of Wisconsin-Madison ] [ Image: Dr. Felicia E.Mebane / credit: Dr. Felicia E. Mebane ]
Problem Solving Obesity with Black Youth in Baltimore

Problem Solving Obesity with Black Youth in Baltimore

Mr. Joe Whitmore and Drs. Bleich and Mebane (credit: Sara Bleich)

“Problem Solving Obesity with Black Youth in Baltimore” (Pod 3)
is about that and more.

This pod features Dr. Sara Bleich, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and native of Baltimore, MD. With Mr. Joe Whitmore, a teacher in Richmond, VA, we talk about two studies motivated by recent Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) food labeling requirements. Listen in as Dr. Bleich describes her work on sugary beverage communications  in corner grocery stores and why she does what she does…and, favorite movies.


[ Image: Joe Whitmore and Drs. Sara Bleich and Felicia E. Mebane / credit: Dr. Felicia E. Mebane ]
The Unenviable Task of Defining HSR

The Unenviable Task of Defining HSR

Drs. Simpson and Mebane (credit: Felicia E. Mebane)

“The Unenviable Task of Defining HSR” (Pod 2)
describes health services research and more.

Dr. Lisa Simpson, President and CEO of AcademyHealth, joined me in AcademyHealth’s conference room to share insights about the field of health services research (HSR)… and how it connects to her favorite movies. Listen in for where health services researchers work, whether students should pursue HSR as a career and AcademyHealth’s roles.


[ Image: Drs. Lisa Simpson and Felicia E.Mebane / credit: Dr. Felicia E. Mebane ]
Makin’ It More Real

Makin’ It More Real

Felicia, Lauren and Samantha (credit: Felicia E. Mebane)

“Makin’ It More Real” (Pod 1)
is an introduction to Health Services Unplugged.

Lauren Radomski and Samantha Smith (two awesome members of AcademyHealth‘s Translation and Dissemination Institute) were kind enough to join me for this first chat in an AcademyHealth conference room… so I wouldn’t have to talk to myself. Listen in to learn about the ideas behind this podcast.


[ Image: Felicia, Lauren and Samantha / credit: Felicia E. Mebane ]